About me


My name is Daniel, I'm a software architect from Germany. While developing betting software for personal use I noticed there was a lack of a
  • reliable
  • easy-to-use
  • puristic
  • sophisticated
  • RESTful
API that serves football data, so I decided to create one (almost 4 years ago now). You're welcome to connect with me via View Daniel Freitag's profile on LinkedIn Just give me a hint on what you do with my API :-)
Within the last years I've been able to grow football-data from a personal hobby project into a solid business. I now have a team of football data experts helping me to continuously improve and expand the quality of the football-data API.

Where do I get the data from?

The data is all around: it's on the radio, on google, news streams, on television, Facebook and Twitter: everywhere! I’ve also partnered up with Data Sports Group. All I do is grab the data from all the sources, consolidate and structure it and last but not least prove and publish it.

Responsible for this website

Football-Data B.V., Waalsdorperweg 16, 2597 JB, Den Haag, Netherlands


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