About me


My name is Daniel, I'm a software architect from Germany. While developing betting software for personal use back in 2013 I noticed there was a lack of a
  • reliable
  • easy-to-use
  • puristic
  • sophisticated
  • RESTful
API that serves football data, so I decided to create one. 9 years later it serves millions of data requests each day, so I think in the end this was a good idea.
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The project

Within the last years my football-data project changed from a solely personal hobby project into a small side business. I'm happy to be in close contact with lots of users seeing extremely different use cases and ways to work with football data. I try to offer a concise and flexible API that is able to satisfy all use cases in a nice way, without affecting each other in a negative way, which is quite challenging.
Having different upstreams, doing manual data checking each day and with automatic QA-services in place I try to offer only the best quality, because I think data quality matters.

Responsible for this website

Freitag Web Tec UG, Oberweg 5, 35469 Allendorf (Lumda), Germany


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